Molly Van Oostrum

Molly found that Pilates was the only form of exercise that helped her body hold it all together and move through life as an active mom and athlete with ease. After taking a Pilates class years ago, she had the realization that Pilates was the “thing” she wanted to practice for the rest of her life; and teaching was the perfect way to fit that in. Molly wants to share her love of Pilates with her clients and help each individual bring Pilates into their lives to support their daily activities, whether they are super busy and athletic, or just going about their daily routine. Molly loves that Pilates builds an amazing foundation within each person’s body and spirit and it is her hope to share that with each individual she works with. Molly teaches all level mat classes, private, semi-privates, and group equipment classes.

You can reach Molly at: / / (503) 384-8559